Our NFTs plant trees

Combat Climate Change for a better future with EcoWatt NFTs. Our NFTs are minted by burning EcoCarbon tokens and are ISO-Certified Carbon Certificates based on reforestation projects that make industry, miners and you CO2 neutral.
One NFT stands for 150 trees, which will create a 1 ton Carbon Credit each year for 20 years.

The price for Carbon Certificates has already increased over 2500% since inception and continues to grow every year. Additional royalties are attached to NFTs, which are used to plant even more trees.

Use EcoCarbon tokens to mint NFTs that make you green, support brands you love or play games. With your support the EcoWatt Green Asset Portfolio can capture upwards of 750.000 tons of CO2 and
plant at least one million trees every year.

Utility NFTs

EcoWarrior Collection

The EcoWarrior collection combines stunning limited edition, digital, hand drawn art by a known Artist with the utility of a personal ISO-Certified 1-Ton Carbon Certificate in the holders name valid for 20 years. Additionally it is your membership access to all future EcoWatt pre-launch event sales.

The Race to Gaia - Form a collection of 10-NFTs to mint an additional ISO-Certified 10-Ton GAIA NFT with additional utility.

An event website and the collection will launch on in late Q1 2022.

Brand NFTs

Brands are becoming environmentally conscious.

Imagine you could receive an NFT that certifies your purchase of a product or service as green and gives you additional membership access and perks? Would you support planting trees when buying a car, go on a flight, a cruise ship,...?

We will be soon announcing partnerships and branded NFTs as part of our strategy to make the world greener.

Gaming NFTs

NFTs in Gaming is the fastest growing category in blockchain. We are talking to exciting gaming studios to integrate our EcoCarbon Token into their Ecosystem as part of their environmental impact goals. Imagine you could mint gaming NFTs and unlock in-game perks with EcoCarbon and know that additional trees will be planted by you playing a game!

Announcements coming soon