Ecowatt is a green investment company. We buy and build renewable power stations to expand the supply rapidly, whilst simultaneously funding projects that are key drivers in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We have two main portfolios: 

The Green Asset portfolio contains a host of new renewable power stations, such as solar, in various levels of development, funded through the issuance of Green Bonds.

The Impact portfolio focuses on climate impact projects, which issue carbon offsets for projects such as reforestation and rewilding.

Within the near future, through leveraging innovative technologies such as blockchain and tokens, Ecowatt will make investing in sustainable energy solutions accessible and profitable for everyone.

To reach net zero emissions by 2050, annual clean energy investment worldwide will need to more than triple by 2030 to around $4 trillion, and you can be part of this investment. 

Our 2025 Goals

1) Fund the planting of 100M+ trees by 2025

2) Fund the expansion of the green energy asset portfolio to 10 GW of renewable energy capacity


Carbon Credit Solution 2022
Middle East's Woman Leaders 2022
Climate Impact Accelerator 2022



Thomas Puskas
Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur with 25 years of experience delivering infrastructure projects valued at 1.2Bn. He uses this experience to manage the business administration of Ecowatt and oversee asset procurement and development.

Matthew Edwards
Director Institutional Investors

30 years experience in FX, Trade Finance, Venture Capital and family office advisory. Traded 2 Billion USD per day as an Interbank FX-Trader.

Lauren Haworth
Global Marketing Director

An experienced global marketing director, board member, entrepreneur, investor, and radio personality. Driven by an innate desire to make a tangible difference in the world regardless of how small, she pushes brands and boundaries to evaluate topline strategies for growth and sustainability.

Yana Leonova, PhD
Yana Leonova, PhD.
Regional head: MENA

Dr Yana Leonova holds a law degree, an MBA, and a PhD in Economics. She is a philanthropist, supporting education, the environment and science. She helps transform science into a business through knowledge-based management. Since 2018, she has been working closely with UAE government sustainability initiatives.

Olli Kuronen
Chief Investment Officer

Over 30 years experience in executive positions in banking (EBRD London), project finance and private equity, of which last 22 years in renewable energy industry. A pioneer private equity investor back to late 90’s in renewable energy and smart energy start-ups.


Bobby Campbell
Business Development Manager: USA

10 years of trading experience, Blockchain Investor since 2017 and Founder of Global Synergies Inc. a Blockchain focused Venture Capital company.

Julie Pugh
Julie Pugh
Marketing Coordinator

12+ years of experience within the media and marketing industry across South Africa, specializing in brand communication, strategizing and implementing campaigns for mass market and digitalizing OOH. 

Lmehdi Ouabi
Blockchain/Backend Developer

Full Stack/blockchain developer, and crypto-maximalist since 2016. He is pursuing and living a minimalist lifestyle.

Burak Sakalli
Burak Sakalli
Frontend Developer

Extensive experience across multiple verticals as a Software Engineer in Turkey and the UAE; Likes contributing to open-source projects and communities and is an enthusiast for developing Web3 projects.

Christoff Cronje
International Events Manager

16+ year veteran in the global events sector with hands-on experience in Sporting, Festival and Corporate markets. Specializing in Sponsorship leveraging, and end-to-end event execution.

Global Advisory Council & Network

Dustin Plantholt
Forbes Monaco

A self-confessed Digital Asset enthusiast, Dustin Plantholt is a Forbes Monaco Editor ‘Crypto’, Founder of Crypterns, Plantholt Advisory Group and LifesTough.com. Aside from being a zealous entrepreneur and inspirational thought-leader, Plantholt is also a highly sought after event emcee/moderator, film actor/producer, host of the highly regarded Bitcoin.com podcast and creator of the crypto comic book series CrypternsComic.com

Mark Bruce
CEO Britannia Financial Group

A leading global financial group offering investment banking, securities, brokerage, asset and wealth management, banking and trust products and services.

Ryan McFadyen
Ryan McFadyen
Co-founder of HaveYouHeard

Ryan has been at the forefront of marketing and advertising innovation for over 18 years. Ryan Co-founded haveyouheard marketing in 2008 and since then has grown the agency into a global group of companies with offices in multiple countries across the world. Over the past few years the haveyouheard group has been recognised as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world and Ryan, himself has been recognised as one of the 30 most innovative business leaders in Africa.