Green Bonds
And Carbon Credits

EcoWatt bridges the gap between the new Blockchain world to generate social impact and build community and traditional high finance to realize industrial projects.

In addition to tokens as blockchain assets, EcoWatt is positioned as an Irish Section 110 approved “Designated Activity Company” to launch regulated and insured financial products up to a value of €500 million per issue.


These are our keys to scale in the market and increase the value
of our tokens and NFTs for years.


In order to get closer to the goal of a sustainable, a green planet, we are building plants for the generation of renewable energy. These are financed through regulated Green Bonds that we issue.

Our first Green Bond package for 100 million euros is “Pre-Approved” by the financial authorities in London and insured with an A rating by Lloyds of London.

We already have options to purchase, build and operate approximately 400 MW of solar and wind farms, hydrogen and biomass plants, and geothermal plants distributed primarily in Eastern Europe and Turkey - with licenses to expand.

This amount of green power could supply a city of 800,000 inhabitants. And we would like to increase this output more than tenfold in the next 24-36 months!


We can pass on the CO2 emissions we prevent with our green portfolio in the form of certificates. Even if CO2 cannot be completely avoided in life, in the economy, in construction, transport and consumption, we can still change the balance positively.

A credit is created by replacing fossil energy with renewable energy and by planting trees. This offsets one ton of CO2 each. And these credits can be used by anyone, whether large corporations, small businesses or even private individuals. Demand is constantly increasing and has already caused the price of the CO2 credit to rise by 3750 percent since its introduction. Where the price was 2.5 euros in 2018, carbon credits reached a current high of around 95 euros in February 2022. This trend could also increase tenfold in the next few years, increasing the value of our tokens and NFT.

To generate Carbon Credits, we primarily invest in planting trees for long-term reforestation in developing countries and for timber utilization in Europe.