Our Vision
No.1 Real-World Utility Token


EcoWatt operates the tokenisation of climate protection measures

A finite supply of one billion ERC-20 tokens is backed by a real portfolio of green energy assets such as wind farms, solar plants, hydrogen and geothermal power plants. By 2025, the portfolio of green energy assets will be expanded to generate at least 10,000 megawatts. In addition, 50 to 100 million trees will be planted, which contribute significantly to the CO2 budget. The constantly growing green investment portfolio thus also increases the value of the EcoWatt token for decades to come.

As early as 2025, one token will have a green energy value of 10 watts.



Fixed Token Supply

1 Billion EcoWatt set in Stone
issued as Polygon / Matic
ERC20 Tokens.

Price Drivers

Token value based on 3 independent
factors i.e. real-world asset value, Token vs asset ratio, and ecosystem adoption.
Value = Watt per Token x Carbon Price

Fair Launch

80% of Tokens for the Community.
Founders doxxed for the first year and
Tokenshare tied to achieved
realized market cap percentage.


EcoWatt Token (EWT)

The EcoWatt Token (EWT) is a carbon certificates generator that empowers the community to participate in the longterm growth of the world going both green and electric. EcoWatt has a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, and increases in value as more Watts are added to back each Token.

A ERC-20 token on the Polygon / MATIC blockchain.

EcoWatt Carbon Token (EWCT)

The EcoWatt Carbon Token is generated when staking EcoWatt and is burned to claim an Carbon Certificate on the Blockchain. It is aimed at individual and enterprise users with the desire or demand to be ISO-certified as green but also lends itself to secondary utility applications including NFTs for Lifestyle, Gaming and the Metaverse solutions that aim to be green.


For every 1 EcoWatt token (EWT) staked annually, the owner can claim 1 EcoWatt Carbon Token (EWCT). Once 1,500 EWCT have been collected, they can be burned to receive one Carbon Certificate. This allows businesses and individuals to help offset their carbon footprint and go green. In addition, EcoWatt Carbon Tokens can be used to mint NFTs that unlock additional features.


Our tokens and NFTs make the world green. Everyone knows the blue tick (verification) on Instagram, Twitter or Telegram that confirms the authenticity of an account. Our tokens and NFTs are therefore a “green tick” that confirms that the owner is fully or partially climate neutral.

Our tokens and NFTs are backed by a portfolio of green energy assets, green technologies and forestry projects, so anyone holding them has direct exposure to valuable ISO-14064 carbon credits (CO2 certificates) and is certified as green. The carbon credit market is already worth billions today and will continue to grow in the coming years to meet the 2030 and 2050 climate targets. Our tokens and NFTs are linked to the increase in value.


EcoWatt aims to provide carbon credits on the blockchain, which provides unprecedented ease of use and accessibility to users. The demand, value and price of EcoWatt and EcoWatt Carbon Tokens are driven by three independent factors:

The price of Carbon Certificates is set to increase 1000% by 2025 independent of Blockchain adoption or market cycle. Additionally, the cost of electricity increases yearly.

The more Watts back our Tokens, the more Carbon Certificates become accessible. We aim for 10 Watt per Token by 2025.

We are issuing Utility NFTs and collaborating with Brands, Gaming and Metaverse projects that want to be green. Any one of these has the potential to greatly increase the demand and price of our Tokens.


Secondary Market


All the EWT listed on exchanges are secondary market trading. In other words, the EWT that you purchase on the exchanges have already been bought previously from us and are being sold on the secondary market. So the money you spend on these exchanges do not go to fund our projects.

The benefit to buying EWT on the exchanges, is the ability to still hold the token for the long term and enjoy the price increase as the value of the entire company increases.

EcoWatt aims for a multi-listing on exchanges for both Tokens and NFTs. We anticipate high trading volume of EcoCarbon, while EcoWatt is designed for long-term hold.

EWT can be bought on:
  • LBank
  • BitMart  (Be sure to select $EWT, not EWT, as there are two different but similar tokens listed. EWT is not ours
  • BitForex


Zilliqa, KLIMA, XRP and other Blockchains are planning to launch Carbon Certificate Marketplaces. EcoWatt plans to be a first mover on all of these, being the first issuer of carbon certificates on the blockchain.

Primary Market


If you want to buy new EWT tokens and contribute directly to our projects, then purchasing through our website is the only way. Your options are payment with a credit card or via USDT.

You can buy EWT with a credit card if you sign up with us - just click the button below, sign up and you can begin your journey.


You can buy EWT with USDT through our platform. Create an account or login to purchase.